May 7, 2009

Stage 2: Sell wordly possessions and leave Virginia Highlands

Oh alas, part of the process of moving abroad is coming to the realization that you have to sell close to everything you own. I am a woman that LOVES to design, I love art books, textiles. So coming to terms with selling my "stuff' kind of hurts. Although its bittersweet. I have lived in this wonderful, cozy and comfortable neighborhood for almost 10 years since graduating from college, but its time to move on to bigger and better things....time is coming close.

Approximately, less than 100 days until I will be living in Florence. That term 100 days is pretty funny considering, the entire nation is measuring President Obama's "First 100 days" since he took office, and it seems like yesterday he was being inaugurated.....which conveniently Mom and I were in Florence looking at apartments- How appropriate....Who needs more motivation than that :)

Thank God my Mom is so incredible, there is no way I could be doing all of this without her help and support.
"Auvoir, Ciao, Sayanora" my lovely home....sino a quel momento Firenze (until that Florence moment)

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