August 10, 2009

Anxiety at its finest

Okay, hearts are scattered, emotions are running high, my thoughts are on overload. I am so nervous about moving away from Atlanta, but so incredibly excited for the new adventure in my life. At times I feel consumed with images, people and feelings that have kept me connected to Atlanta. My family, friends, lovers, activities, volunteering, co-workers, etc etc etc....Then I imagine how many opportunities I will have by living abroad, learning a new language, culture, experiencing new music, food & wine. The amount of knowledge I will gain from the people I meet and friendships that I will form.

I love all my people in Atlanta, even the ones that have broke my heart - often times on repeat. Because if it wasnt for all THOSE experiences (both good & painful), I wouldnt have the guts to quit my job of 6 years and move to another country. Life & Happiness are possible, if you are patient (Thank you Dr. C).

I can hear my girls (Faith, Stella & Zuhura) in Kenya asking me "Christy, Are you happy?" - and I can honestly say "YES, but can I take some people with me?"

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