August 2, 2009

Falling in love

Less than a month away until I finally leave for Italy…..And now I can really begin getting excited about it. Up until now its been so much planning, reading, organizing – that I haven’t been able to really “imagine” what it would be like to be living in a foreign country.

Recently I have been distracted by a short love affair that I stupidly got myself into before leaving. In a way I am thankful that it isn’t going to work out, then another part of me is frustrated that I am losing what I "thought" was a great guy. It's interesting to watch how grown men react to independent women. People keep telling me that I am picking the wrong type of guy, and I am beginning to believe it. However, its nearly impossible for most people to control themselves when they truly connect with people, and for no unknown reason....Who is control of love anyway? We as humans, certainly are not. The question still remains - at what point does love just work out?

Love is over. For now. Until I begin my love affair with Florence……

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