August 9, 2009

Heart full of mush

Its amazing what it will do for a woman when we just take a step back and listen to what men have to say. Having an open, compassionate heart truly will get you exactly what you want :) 3 weeks until departure, and its crunch time. I find my brain on overload "check list" mode. Literally everyday, I have a list of crap I feel like I need to complete before leaving. Anything from logistics of the move and details with the people in Florence, all the way to having my car cleaned (so it can sit in the driveway for 6 months). Thank God for insurance, all doctors have been seen, prescriptions filled, paperwork complete. Now, lets get the heart in check.

Emotional, Yes. Feeling Bittersweet, Yes. Sad, Yes. Happy, Yes.

..........all balled into one little girl named Christy, with one foot out the door.

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