August 15, 2009

Miei Gatti (My Cats)

Okay, I keep going back & forth on whether or not to take both my cats, just take Abby (the smaller one) or neither one. I know for sure that I want at least one of them there with me during the first few months, so taking Abby might be the best option. If you move to another country, there are bunches of requirements that the USDA and the origin country require. Thankfully for Italy, the cats are not required to "serve time" in quarantine. They only have to be up to date on their shots, get a current International microchip and an Italian Vet Certificate (Basically a Feline Passport).

Mom and I are taking the kitties on board the plane as Delta does not require that they be cargo'd (underneath) and for a small airline ticket fee of $150. I have a funny feeling the cats know something is up - they are being overly emotional and affectionate!!!

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