September 9, 2009

Extraordinary hidden treasures......

I went for my nightly run towards the Parco Della Cascine tonight, and decided to walk into San Salvatore a Ognissanti (St. Savior Church of All Saints). This little church could easily go un-noticed given the importance of the Duomo, Santo Spirito, San Lorenzo, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to walk into this absolutely gorgeous church to find it is the resting place of Sandro Botticelli. Most of you will know his most famous works (that are also here in Florence @ The Uffizi Gallery) "The Birth of Venus" and "Primavera", both shown below.

It is astounding to me, that so many places are like this in this city - its delightful. You never know what you will learn, or see, or experience. This history and art of this place takes my breath away every single day. I do not think you can ever get tired of looking at the colors of this city, the replica's of 'David', Giambologna's statue @ Piazza Signoria, the Arno River, among all the other colorful things that make this city so incredible.

I consider myself a very lucky woman to be able to walk into a small church, sit down, look at my surroundings, and know that I am in the same place where people defined art & the renaissance as we know it.

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