September 3, 2009

Perfection in Form

I have just returned from the Galleria dell'Accademia exhibit of Robert Mapplethorpe's photography alongside Michelangelo's 'David' and 'Prisoner' series of sculptures. I am absolutely in awe of all the pieces that were in this show, and how well thought out the exhibit was. I was standing in the main gallery of the museum transfixed on David because it is quite possibly one of the most gorgeous pieces of art I've ever seen. I have seen Michelangelo's most famous statue many times before, but each time , its like seeing it for the first time. It is true perfection of the human form. Then, to make the exhibit even more exquisite were the 91 photographic images of Robert Mapplethorpe's work that surrounded the Renaissance sculptures.

If you aren't familiar with Mapplethorpe's work, then I will post some of my favorite images that I saw tonight. I do need to clarify though, that if you do a basic "google" search on this artist, you will find much more graphic displays of his art. He truly captures the human form in his artistry the same way that artists did by painting and sculpture centuries ago. It would be interesting to see if you handed Michelangelo the same camera Mapplethorpe used - what would be the outcome? I would put money down that they would be close in their similarities.

Feeling inspired on this beautiful evening in Florence, I bid you adieu.

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