September 2, 2009

Settling in & Sant'Ambrogio

We went out to Mercato Sant'Ambrogio yesterday and picked up some of the finest & affordable product around. We enjoyed talking to Labano (I think is his name) at the cheese & bread shop, who claims he used to be a very famous football (soccer) player. He even had a photo to prove it! He applauded my mother for doing such a "bella" job with her daughter, then continued to compliment my eyes. (you know blue eyes are a hot commodity around here). We purchased our pecorino romano, fresh uovo's (eggs), bread and prosciutto (fresh ham, for Mom of course!) and headed out to buy fresh fruta.

Outside of the market, numerous vendors setup - all begging for your attention. It was like an array of gorgeous colors that looked like paintings. We bought our small packages of strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples, lettuce and tomatoes. All fresh, all you could eat standing there. Back inside the market, we purchased from a lovely woman 2 packages Per Due (for two) of homemade ravioli and tagliatelle pasta. Delicioso!!! We plan on making a home cooked dinner tonight at the apartment, while talking about our agenda for tomorrow & the weekend. Probably a day trip to Bologna will be in order. A presto ! (until then.....)

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