September 5, 2009

Week Uno en Italia

So, I have been here for a week, and have settled into my apartment with flying colors. My cat Abby acts like she has lived here her entire life, and is very happy being an only child for a little while. Over the last few days Mom and I have had a blast doing things as the locals do and laughing about how different yet the same life is here.

A few funny notes about Italy:
#1 Italians keep a straight face, almost frowning, and very serious. However, if you catch their eye and give them a good ole' American smile - their face lights up. I had an American tourist tell me tonight at dinner "Wow when you smiled at him, I thought he was going to tell you his whole life story"...this was true about our young cute waiter.

#2 The Male Form & The Penis. You see them everywhere, on every turn. You are walking on a small quiet street, turn the corner, and BAM! There is David, Nero & Hercules among other statues in all their glory. This should be celebrated around the world, maybe one day America will catch on and learn there is more to us than T&A ! :)

#3 Grocery shopping consists of two small plastic bags, you cannot carry more than that on a busy street full of pedestrians. The Santa Croce neighborhood that I live in is so charming, that thankfully I have a grocery 2 blocks from my apartment. The grocery shop is the size of my closet in America, but somehow they carry one of everything special for me ! (they must restock all day long, no mass production here people)

#4 Laundry takes a very long time. There is no such thing as procrastinating, free breezing your shirt and throwing it in the dryer to de-wrinkle. Nope, not here. You have to plan accordingly. Which means for me, I have to schedule a half day to be home just to do my laundry. Washing machine takes one hour, and everything must be hung dry. Thankfully I have this nifty apparatus in my apartment that I can hang my clothes on, so the people on the street wont have to admire my thongs.

I am sure there will be more funny things to report on this adventure......Until then my friends! Sending love from Italia ♥


Passage to Italy said...

Ahh yes, the joys of doing laundry in Italy. I must say that at least I feel as though I'm doing my part in saving the planet when cutting out the dryer. ;)

According to my ex's mom, there's also an art to hanging your laundry. Turning them inside out preserves the colors better when in direct sunlight, and always hang from the seams. I was simply just hooking them onto the line. Silly American me!

Fragolina said...

We do the same here in Lebanon, hanging our laundry and sometimes I see even underwears hanging over balconies, it's a natural thing here. We say the clothes must see the sun.

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