October 18, 2009

Feeling at home

So, I have been here almost 2 months, and its been an incredible transition. I am starting to miss certain things from America like TV shows, accessibility of international food, and a good night out to hear my friends play music. I am really looking forward to my best friend Cody coming in two weeks to visit, it will be nice to have a little bit of Atlanta around! I am still keeping my fingers crossed that my parents come to visit over the Christmas season, as I know it will be gorgeous in the city.

I have landed a fun job, live in an active neighborhood, and love all my new friends. Things are beginning to feel like normal around here! I took a day trip with my good buddies Oskar & Marcel this weekend, and as we were driving back into Florence I said to myself "Home Sweet Home". Florence has totally captured my spirit and passion for life again. Which is the numero uno reason I moved here, to feel uplifted and empowered again.

With my job, I am meeting alot of Americans, primarily single women, who are searching to be reborn, redefined and inspired. There is something very unique about this place. What I have gathered is, after speaking with alot of Florentine people, expats from America and tourists from all over the world - there is an overwhelming sense of peace here. Everyone that is here wants to be here, which you can imagine makes for a pleasant place to be.

I do not feel rushed, eager or stressed here. I have finally learned the art of patience (its impossible to live in Italy without it!!!!). Small situations of happiness happen almost daily : midnight strolls with gelato with friends, saying "Buon Giorno" to the same 3 old men on the street on the way to work, cathedral belltower rings that attempt to keep you on time (I fit in perfectly because I am always 10 minutes late), caffe macchiato with Stefano daily, and meeting people from all over the world - everyday...the list could go on an on.

I am so lucky to have met some extraordinary people here, that fulfill my life with happiness. Now, if someone would open a Chic Fil A on the corner, I would officially be in heaven. Only kidding, but I am on the road to complete solitude :)

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Fragolina said...

I find it great what you have done, leaving the family and town, and moving into a new city, but you're doing fine, enjoying the beauties of Florence... This is what I dream of, a year in Italy where I could learn the italian food, work in some kitchen, practice my italian.

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