October 26, 2009


Over the weekend, I went to Siena with my friends Oskar (Swed) and Marcel (the Dutchman). We took the bus from Florence's train station to downtown Siena. They recommend you take the bus instead of the train because the train station in Siena is outside the city. A good little pointer to those visiting the area.

Once we found the ticket office, we bought our €6 ($9) tickets and hopped on the bus. The ride to Siena was beautiful, as we saw many sweeping hills of vineyards and olive trees, and drove this massive bus through tiny italian villages - a little nerve racking at times!

Siena is a small hilltop town, with only 45,000 in population. There is a central area called The Piazza Del Campo that used to be used for chariot & horse racing. Its a large circular square where people now lounge around, eat pizza and read. The Italians have perfected the art of doing nothing, and its fabulous.

We walked around town, went into a few small boutique shops then decided to watch the sunset at the panorama adjacent to the Cathedral (Duomo) of Siena.

It was a lovely, albeit cold day, of perfect contentment with my good friends from Europe.

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