November 17, 2009

Friendships of Fiorentina, Old & New

The last few weeks have been filled with activities of entertaining for my closest & dearest friends from all over the world. It got me thinking about how truly lucky I am to have such incredible, interesting people in my life. Friendships can take work and commitment like any relationship, and some friendships "just work". Nienke, probably one of my oldest friends from elementary school, who is Dutch, came to visit me here in Florence. We always say to each other, that no matter how much time passes, or situations change (birth of babies, travels, moving houses, etc), our friendship is the exact same as it was the first days we met.

My best friend from Atlanta, Cody, who probably knows me better than anyone, came to Florence for his first visit outside the United States...It was magical watching his eyes light up at all the new things to discover in this incredible city, I am happy Florence was his first exposure to another way of life (especially for the Vino!!!)

During the last three months of living in Florence, I have meet some extraordinary people from Holland, Sweden, America, and all over Europe..It's a great way to have your eyes opened to so many different cultures in such a small town. I miss my friends from Sweden & Holland but am still enjoying the wonderful relationships with the Italian & Americans that I am forming...Thank goodness for the internet, so its easy to stay in touch with everyone :)

Nienke & Cody (among others) who have visited, have gotten the 'Florentine Fever' that they cannot shake...The city awaits their return with love & happiness ♥

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