December 5, 2009

Christmas is in the air.....

I just had an incredible day in this amazing city. The German Christmas market (Mercato di Natale di Heidelberg) has set up in Piazza Santa Croce (which is one of the most popular squares in Florence, and conveniently 2 minutes from my apartment). The historic centre has been lit with gorgeous Christmas lights, and today I saw the men working on the Christmas tree at Piazza Repubblica.

The city smells like bakeries & chocolates, the music being played in the streets is delightful, and I have never had so much fun window shopping in my life. From the major stores like Zara, Louis & Chanel to the small charming boutiques, they are all crammed with beautiful merchandise.

The best Christmas gift of all will be in a few short weeks when my parents will visit. I am deeply touched that they have decided to come all this way to spend Christmas with me, and my new city. I know it will be delightful to show them all the gorgeous things here in Florence, and I know Mom will especially love the "Cioccolata da bere" (Drinkable Chocolate) from a little shop called 'Vestri'. Yummo!

♥ Merry Christmas & Buon Natale ♥

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