January 15, 2010

The Puffy Coat

Someone should of warned me about the amount of rain Florence gets per year. It literally rained almost everyday for 2 months. Add this with cold temperatures, pollution & pigeon poop and what do you get? Ruined clothes. I kept telling myself "This is a really old city Christy, get over it".

So, to combat this issue, I noticed almost every Italian woman wearing this hideous "Puffy coat". To me, they make every woman look enormous, similiar to the Michelin Man. Who could possibly look attractive in these coats? Only 6 foot tall women, thats who.

Being just over 5 feet tall, I refused to get one. I am sorry, they are just too ugly I told myself. So, after 2 months of solid rain, getting on & off my bike drenched, in & out of apartments in traffic - I broke down. I bought a Puffy coat from Zara for 50 Euros (which is a STEAL!).

I should of followed the lead of the Italian woman, who certainly know fashion better than me, and bought one back in November. At least now I stay warm & dry even though I look like a miniature mound of tires


Lindy Lou said...

Ah you went for black! I was in Napoli a few Christmases ago and purple puffer jackets were everywhere, even shiny ones...even on boys!

Abby said...

I love this entry, Christy! I re-read it again today because it was suggested under your latest post. When I read it a while back I took the advice early on... I will be arriving in Florence with "Puffy coat" in hand! See you soon!

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