January 13, 2010

Settling in & Snow

Well its been almost 5 months since I took the plunge and moved abroad. How time has flown! I have been so slack recently in writing on my blog because I have been so incredibly busy with work, social activities and visits. Pretty much all incredible I might add!

I have an fantastic job, where I get to see a lot of gorgeous apartments around the city. I meet people from all over the world who all have a love for Florence too, and the best part is, I get to stay fit on my bike Pepe!

My parents visited for Christmas which was an extra special delight, we ate a lot, walked a lot and drank a lot . All things Italians are used to :) They brought the chilly weather from Atlanta, and we even got snow! I cannot even explain how magical Florence was with snow covered trees & rooftops!

I have officially settled into living in my adopted city. I still get goose bumps when seeing the Duomo & Giambologna's "Ratto delle Sabine" at the Loggia. Piazzale Michelangelo is still my favorite place to relax. And I am still not sick of eating pasta & drinking vino (well okay, maybe im lying on that one).

I am learning a lot about the culture here and how many differences there are between Americans & Italians. Yesterday I caught myself talking to a customer with my hands like an aggressive Italian man!

I have a short list of some of the positive & funny aspects of living in Italy :
#1 - Love your mother more than anyone else in the whole world
#2 - Talk with your hands.....with passion.
#3 - Be late, always.
#4- Wear all black and funny looking puffy coats
#5- Say hello by kissing each cheek, even to your girl/boy friends
#6- Make your own schedule, hence the good & bad of "Siesta"
#7 - Walk on the street, even as buses fly past you
#8 - You must love to talk ALOT, especially over a 3 hour dinner (Italians like to hear themselves speak, how can you blame them? the language sounds like music, no?
#9 - Be proud of your country, in particular the region you were born
#10 - Love American women with your heart & soul. (my personal favorite, this only applies to gentlemen)

Italians are passionate, uncomplicated people. Its a true joy to be surrounded by a culture that loves to love. The people here are chaotic, but extraordinarily focused. Italians don't skip a beat, but take their time. An interesting dynamic to say the least :)

Now, not all is peachy keen here ! But I will save those funny stories for another post. Until then. A presto ♥

1 comment:

Fragolina said...

Wow, the snow covering the houses and the Duomo is so beautiful... Amazing view. I'm enjoying your posts alot.:)

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