March 11, 2010

Love in Italy

So I have been thinking a lot about love here lately. What is love? True love? Safe love? I am living in a country where people love to love you. But it is also unbelievably complicated at the same time. I think my girlfriends & I (all from North America) probably spend 3/4 of the time having conversations about our relationships, the goods & bads, and the passion that we are all experiencing here in Florence.

Did I move to Italy to find love? I have been asking myself this question here lately. Certainly not!?! I am an independent woman who doesn't need any man to hold me back, right? I don't know. A part of me thinks maybe I did move to Italy to see if I had better luck, more romance, more connection with the men here than in America. So far, its proving to work out more dynamic & interesting - albeit confusing. I have been on the best dates of my life here in Florence, filled with romance, interesting conversations, long walks and plenty of vino :)
(Borgo Pinti, one of my most favorite streets in Florence)

But is that why I really came here? Or was it because I truly appreciate the way Italians think about life? Or because I love the Renaissance sculptures & paintings? Was it because I could fall to my knees to God every time I walk into a sacred place here?

(My favorite vision of Florence: I still get goose bumps when I pass this everyday)

Truly, I am still working out the reasons on why I love living here. It has been challenging for us expats to give up being with our families, having conveniences and financial stability (like back home in the US, for most of us). But, I know the feeling I get when I walk down certain streets, say hello & kiss certain people, and experience love all around me - that I am a lucky girl to be here.

Maybe I did come here for love afterall.

Pienza : Via dell'Amore

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Viajera said...

I've read a lot of expat blogs, but have rarely seen those feelings expressed so well.

I can see that it is love, indeed.

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