June 2, 2010

GROM Gelato !

My good friend Giuseppe took me to the absolute BEST gelato house in Florence. He is from the southern part of Italy, that is known for many things like Olive Oil, wine, seafood, the Mafia, and most importantly :: GELATO!

This little gelato shop is located very close to the Duomo, on a small street on Via dell Oche. Do not be surprised if there is a line down the street to await this delicious treats. All the ingredients are fresh, from Italy to South America. My favorite is the Grom Crema, delicioso!

In fact, I think I might head there now for a sampling :)


Val T said...

Great picture Christine! But remember the South is also known for putting Gelato on bread and that wasn't such a great invention!

Ciao Emy said...

We have a GROM gelato shop in the center of Treviso too. No lie, waited 15 minutes for Gelato, but it was well worth the wait :)

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