July 19, 2010

Some things never change

this post was written two weeks ago :)

I just returned from a quick ride in the historic centre, taking a breather from the World Cup madness, and to get some ice cream (whats new!), when I stumbled upon the most wonderful little piazza off the Duomo.  It is high season for tourism in Florence right now, so there are thousands of tourists walking around, window shopping, sitting in front of the Cathedral people watching, and trying to ignore the foreign workers trying to sell you silly toys for 10 Euros. I understand why people do this, because we do not do this in America...It is a foreign concept to do nothing, but still be outside & around such beautiful things. 

I, however, feel sorry for so many of the people that visit Florence, and miss all the wonderful hidden secrets and true charm of Italy. I suppose I love that I can ride my bike through the smallest streets to discover new things, in silence, and in my own time. That is what happened tonight. I found myself in this tiny piazza, one street over from one of the largest retail shopping areas in the whole centre. There was absolutely nothing on this street except, open windows with someone playing the piano, laundry hanging, and the sounds of a little child talking to its mother. For me, hearing children speak Italian is the sweetest thing in the whole world (if they are being nice to their Mamma o Babbo!). 

I sat on the street to listen to the sounds, look at the architecture & the small spaces. I felt like I was stepping back in time, to some time period where the world stood still, and only the simplest of things mattered. Family, love, protection of our homes, and inspiration through music....I thought to myself if this was what it was like during the second World War, some things have still not changed here in Italy since, and this could be one of them. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Christy,

I hope this doesn't com across strange, but I recently read your post which mentions YAWN. I've just moved to Florence after graduating University in America, and am hoping to get involved in networking groups. I've read a bit about YAWN, and it sounds fantastic, though I wasn't able to find it on facebook. Do you have any advice as to how I could join? It would be greatly appreciated!


Christy said...

Ciao Rachel!
YAWN is incredible! You will meet some of the most amazing women living in Florence!! on Facebook: search "Yawn Florence" and see if it comes up.
Fammi sapere, ciao!

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