September 27, 2010

Daily life : Numero Sette: Dating

It was the first day of 2010 when I was called by a darling Italian guy named Pierluigi. "Ciao Cara, che cosa fai oggi e stasera?" (Hello Dear, What do you do today & tonight?" We had met the night before on New Years Eve at a party a friend was having. He was adorable, sweet, spoke excellant English, and the best kicker of all - I could understand his Italian almost perfectly. Something about his funny Florentine accent made it easier. So, New Years Day I was delighted to get a phone call from my first kiss of the new year. We decide to meet in the piazza and take a bike ride.

We took our bikes along the Arno River, which is still to this day my favorite activity in Florence. He kept saying I was being "timido" on my bike because I was not weaving in & out of cars like he was. That has now changed because I am used to bike riding like I am really on a scooter. Next, we stop in Santo Spirito to get a caffe and talk. Topics included God & religion, politics, art and travel. All on the first date!!!! This sure does beat the boring dates in America :: "Hello, what do you want to do tonight" answer "I dunno, what do you want to do? I dunno, dinner & movie? Okay, I will drive my car and meet you there. Boring.

After our chat we decided to stroll hand & hand back along the riverbank to Santa Croce to a lovely pizzeria. We talked more about religion, love, family, Florence and America. At this point the date has lasted almost 4 hours all filled with conversation, walking, eating gelato, riding bikes, enjoy each others company, etc. We get our bikes and park them back at our piazza, because at the time we both lived in the same block. Convenient eh?

He walks me to my door, leans in and gives me a passionate kiss. Mamma mia, the best date ever I say. EVER... Perfect combination of an adorable guy who is smart, funny & witty,  in an atmosphere of romance & complete solitude. He pushes back from me and then says "Christina, I must tell you something" "I want to see you again but you need to know I have a relation". I back away and say "Perdon me? a relation? You mean a wife or girlfriend? Pierluigi replies "Yes, that is correct". He kisses me again, I back away and go inside, alone & annoyed. This "story" (as the Italians like to call a relationship) continued for a few months until I had enough courage to finally walk away, and come to terms that our involvement was wrong. Maybe one day we will be friends. 

So I ask this....What is better? Romantic dates with cheaters, or boring dates with faithful men? I am still making the same mistakes as I was in America, picking the wrong guys. This story is only one example about how its like to date Italians. They are fun, romantic, and want to spend time with you. Unfortunately, this is the same for their girlfriends waiting back at home. Cheating is common here and accepted. The men cheat and tell their friends about it. The women cheat and tell no one.  Keep in mind that they are also very jealous creatures! benvenuti in italia !!

Valerie wrote a very funny blog about 95% of Italian Men Cheat, interestingly enough, a lot of information from her article came from Pierluigi himself. Brava Valeria!!


Tree said...

Hi Christy! Wow, I love this post. I say that cheating is NEVER ok! Even if the date was as amazing as you described it. At least you got to experience that "mamma mia"-worthy kiss! Don't even get me started on North American dating. Guys no longer even pick up the phone to call, they just text, blech!

If 95% of Italian men cheat, you can find one of the good ones in that 5% pool.

Just curious, did you see my email yet? Can't wait for more stories! Theresa

Christy said...

Ciao T!
That is so funny, I was telling an american friend last night about a completely different story about dating Italians, and he said "just send a text, its so much easier"...So funny!
I will be in touch soon about lots of good Florentine stuff!
Ciao for now,

leigh said...

Wow...what a scamp! Sounded like a great date though.

Anonymous said...

HA! Love this and thanks to the Link to my blog. I am totally convinced the 95% number is about right, but I agree, you are too great to not hold out for one of the 5%!

Welcome! said...

As having arrived in Florence only 2 months ago, and gone on about four dates so far, I have had one man openly admit to dating other people, and one that I'm suspecting has skeletons in his closet as well.

So where does that 5% hang out at? I assume they travel in packs and do nice guy things, so let's go hunting!

Christy said...

Sally!! We are doing good no?!?! Next please! :)

Fragolina said...

Lovely post. It's so annoying when you're being romantic with someone and find out he's committed. At least you had fun and enjoyed your time and had an Italian kiss. I'm enjoying your posts.

Christy said...

Thank you for the kind words Fragolina!

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