September 16, 2010

Florentine Stories, Foto of the Week

I was on my way to an appointment when I stumbled upon this really great photography exhibit being held outside on Via Martelli, just off Piazza Duomo. I love things like this, it takes no time to stroll the exhibit, seeing other people's art, all within a really beautiful setting. Apparently the show is for 150 Primavere, 150 works of art, all with themes of springtime for the 150 year anniversary of 'Sasso', an olive oil company from Liguria (western coast of Italy). Molto bello!


Anonymous said...

Hi there Christy,

This isn't really a comment for the post, but I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog! Through this one, I found Anna Quach's blog "Piccolo Grande Amore in Italy". I am so relieved to know there are more women like me. I am planning on moving to Firenze in Spring 2011. I'm just a little weary with finding jobs. I will start out with a 4 week TEFL program, but I know how the job situation can be over there.

I was wondering if you would be willing to chat via email/msn about your experiences and maybe offer me some insight and tips? I'm quite nervous, but excited. My boyfriend lives in a small town called Terni, it's in Umbria. But I want to be as independent as I can when I arrive (I'm from Toronto, Canada).

I also thought it was interesting that you work for apartmentsflorence as I stumbled on it a few weeks ago looking at places. Can I ask how you secured a job like that where you don't need to speak itailan? I guess I'm so used to having a steady job here, that I'm quite nervous about going there without having one. I graduated with a business degree and work for a large corporate company (for 5 years now), so it's quite the change for me!

Anyhow, if you are comfortable with exchanging emails let me know. I'd love to hear more from you. Grazie, ciao! Theresa

ps. Couldn't find more YAWN info when I google'd it!

Anonymous said...

Just saw your reply! Gonna email you now, thanks Christy!

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