October 16, 2010

The Eternal City

I just came back from a glorious two day trip to Roma. My best friend in Florence had an audition for a famous Italian TV show, so I decided to tag along. We took the early slow train, which gave us plenty of time to catch up on the status of our current relationships & our futures in Italy (our 2 favorite topics). All with the backdrop of watching the fog & mist rising above the Tuscan hillsides. We would be jabbering about something, then stop and say "Look how beautiful this is, how could you ever leave this?"
We had a quick lunch and then split up, she went to her audition and I headed to Trastevere to check into my room @ Roma Trasteverina. My friend Giorgio runs a darling BnB there and when he showed up to give me the keys, he told me that he had to move me to another location because he had a conflict with a bratty American. I was happy to oblige because I trust Giorgio to take care of me. We walked around the corner and went into this very old building. The rooms however were adorable.  Flat screen TV, hardwood floors, comfty beds. I was happy. I had not worked all day so I decided to setup my desk to overlook the piazza. 

There is an incredible energy in Rome. I get a natural high being there. The people are friendly, funny and helpful. I had the most incredible day, I slept in late ,then decided to get to know the neighborhood better. I strolled alone along the small, rugged streets for a few hours, had my caffe & brioche, and spoke with an old Italian man about living in Florence. I took my time. I started thinking about some of the places I have never been in Rome, so decided to head to the Castel Sant'Angelo.  I feel guilty if I come to Rome and do not do something historical, the history is so rich there, it would be a shame if I overlooked something.  The castle was very interesting, had some incredible views,  and it was good to finally see the secret tunnel that connects the castle to the Vaticano. 

After lunch I discovered one of the most wonderful streets in Rome. There is nothing better than getting lost in this city. No maps, no guides. I found the most darling street on Via Orso just off the river and the Pantheon. I was amazed how many tourists were snapping photos at the Pantheon and have no idea how incredible two streets over is. This is where the beauty & life of Italy happens. All Italians sitting outside talking, smoking and eating lunch. They would look up at me walking past, smile, wink and say "Buon Giorno". This has never happened to me in Florence. I felt like I was as beautiful as Audrey Hepburn in 'Roman Holiday'.  I was happy to have found this area and the thought that kept resonating in my mind was "I am so lucky to be here,  I am so lucky to live in Italy". I had to stop to sit down because I felt overwhelmed at how fortunate I am to have this life. 

Many of you know that the last 5 months have been very difficult for me living in Italy because of the migraines. The last month I have been feeling better than ever, so I feel like I have been given a second chance at living here. God answered my prayers for healing, and so now I do not take any moment for granted. 


Loree said...

Hi, I just stumbled on your blog. You are living in my favourite country. It is so beautiful there. I live on a small island 60 miles south of Sicily and Italy is my favourite vacation spot. I can't wait to visit again soon.

Natalie said...

I was just in Trastevere last night! I love the picture of your desk and view :) Thanks so much for your post. It's a great reminder to slow down and remember how lucky I am to live in Rome.

Anonymous said...

excellent photographs and very informative.cheers

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