November 13, 2010

Mio amore David

For some reason that only God knows, I woke up at 5am this morning. I can count how many times this has naturally happened to me on three fingers. I tossed & turned for an hour until I finally decided to get up and take advantage of the sleeping city. I grabbed my bike and headed off to ride along the Arno River, watch the fog rise, and see the city workers frantically trying to clean up the mess from the night before. 

My normal route does not include Piazza Duomo, but this morning I decided to take a ride through it all alone. I turned the corner from Piazza Repubblica and was surprisingly amazed at what I saw. As part of the Florens event taking place throughout the centre this week, they had laid grass all throughout the piazza and placed a 'David' replica at the head of the cathedral. 

Another reason I love living in Florence is the amount of creative energy and passionate there is for the arts. I know it is the birthplace of the Renaissance, but it is so exciting seeing something modern being done in the historic centre. Piazza Duomo is the centre of all activity in Florence, and normally filled with thousands of tourists. Not this morning. It was all for me... again....I am blessed.

The exhibition of David is to show the controversy on where he would be placed in Florence, around the 1500's.  Word has it he will move to another location tomorrow.  I sat and stared at him for 30 minutes and wondered what it would of been like if he was placed here instead of in front of Palazzo Vecchio (Piazza Signoria). His face, body and beautiful hands were bright white against the aged marble of the cathedral. 

He is perfect.

Updated: Here is a really interesting video showing David being placed on top of the Duomo on the first night of the installation. Then these photos show him being moved to the final spot, where he still stands (only a replica, we all know the original is in the Accademia) located at Piazza Signoria.

This was so fun to watch him come down one of the busiest shopping streets in the Old City. My friends and I said to ourselves how this would never happen in any other city but Florence. It was a truly magical experience..

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Richter said...

Hi Christy, i've found your blog and i've read a bit of it.
It's very interesting and i wanted to thank you for it.

My GF will visit me next week and she have one thing in common with you: she's living in Atlanta,although she's originally from Colorado.

It's her first time in Italy,so i hope she will enjoy.
I'll take her in Milan and Turin,sincemy hometown is a city close to those.

I definitely will take her in Florence one day,since i'm love with that city as for all the Tuscany (although i'm a huge admirer of Cellini's Perseus more than the David :)

Again thank you for your interesting blog,i will keep on reading it.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english...

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