December 2, 2010

Italia bucket list

I cannot believe its already been three months since I have been back to the United States. Even though the pace of life is so incredibly slow here, somehow the time passes quickly.

When I returned to Florence in September I told myself I was going to knock some things off my "Italia Bucket List". I realized that after living here for a year, there were so many things I never did. Partly due from being  ill with migraines, and partly do to just "living" here and not exploring. I remember for a full year before I moved to Italy I made a long list of things I would do while living abroad. The list looked something like this:

Like living anywhere, you get side tracked with work, dating, socializing and you forget about so many things around you. I feel like God gave me a second chance to love Italy again , so I brought out my list! Even if I was not feeling well, I did them anyway.  I traveled to Spain to see a close friend from America, I climbed Giotto's Tower at sunset, I saw the Last Supper in Milano, and even "dated" an Italian. Many of things I have on my list were completed before my second go around, but as you can see many are still being worked on. I still have not seen the Leaning Tower and am nowhere close to marriage (fyi, I just like to add that in for fun!). If it takes hours to eat a simple dinner, imagine how long it takes for a commitment, mamma mia. 

My favorite thing I  did was seeing 'The Last Supper' by Leonardo da Vinci. I am an Art History major and couldn't believe that I lived 4 hours away from this masterpiece and have never seen it. I booked a full, Milano day tour just to see the painting,  and so happy I did. My guide was a beautiful Milanese girl named Francesca who walked us through the city, telling us the history of Milano, then finally ending in the simplistic church Santa Maria delle Grazie. When we walked in, you could feel such a calming presence of peace in the room. You could hear the gasps of breaths from the people around you. Honestly, I have only felt that way a few other times when looking at art : Michelangelo's Pieta @ St. Peters in Rome, the Sistine Chapel and his glorious "David".  No wonder I love Italy.

I know there are so many opinions behind The Last Supper, as depicted by Leonardo da Vinci, but honestly, I didn't care about any controversies or theories. What I felt & saw was given by the presence of God. It was spectacular. I felt at peace & calm for the first time in many months while gazing at this body of work. You are allowed only 10 minutes inside for viewing, so I will have to make another trip to see it again. It was not enough time, but I marked it off my bucket list with happiness. 

I am headed back to Atlanta for a month for Christmas & Washington DC for New Years ,with my Florentine girlfriends. Looking forward to being home with family, eating well and seeing my closest friends. I might even put in some time to refine my Bucket List for 2011.  Ciao Tutti!!


Anonymous said...

Buongiorno Christy!

I am Sandra from Canada, currently in Florence. I found your blog as I was Googling around. Sounds like I too did much the same thing as you did - sold everything and came to Europe. I've been travelling for about four months.

I'm looking now for a place to settle, and I think I'd like to stay put in Florence, yet there are many logistics to sort out! I would love to hear how you put it all together, ie job, place to live, bank account, etc, etc. Do you have an email address I can send to? I can send you the link to my web site. Maybe we can meet up for coffee before/after your trip back to the US.

Grazie mille!

Christy said...
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Gianna xxx said...

Ciao Christy, I'm new to this blog thingy! I'm a Florentine living in Australia and I did the last thing on your bucket list!!!! Long story, hope to share it with you some day... and other delightful memories of Florence. Ciao 4 now

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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