March 16, 2011

Happiness Project 2 - The Florentine Cat

Well it's official. My sweet American cat has now lived more of her life in Florence than in the United States. People that do not have animals do not understand how important they are for us. I don't know what I would do without my Abigail here with me. She has lived in three Florentine apartments, stayed in three other apartments while I was in America, and always does just fine. I am thankful she is adaptable :)

Her favorite thing to do is to jump out of the big windows onto the tiled rooftops of my building. She can hear the pigeons outside, and is eager to catch one! I have to be careful because there is a 4 story drop just outside one of the windows, but she always seems to manage around it.

When I do not feel good, she snuggles with me. When I work from home, she sits on my lap. When my boyfriend comes over she rolls around on her back wanting to be pet. The way he says her name is so cute: pronounced "Ahhhh Beeee, Vieni qua!" (Abby, come here). I think at this point she knows more Italian than her mother!

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