March 8, 2011

Rose colored Florence

It has been many weeks of long days at work, too many hours in front of the computer, and not enough time for myself. I start to get overwhelmed at the amount of hours I am spending working, and not enjoying some of the things I love about Florence.  I am not going to pretend like everything is perfect here, because its not. So many things are done differently. But the bright side is, I have a beautiful Italian boyfriend who is helping me learn the language, I have great friends who I laugh with, I have a good job. The weather is getting better, the temperature rising, and the sky has turned to a bright, cobalt blue.

Florence is a magical place to live. The food & wine is plentiful. The men are passionate and romantic. However, I do not see Florence through rose colored glasses. Some days are more challenging than others, then some days are so joyous I cannot imagine ever moving.  I suppose I am still trying to find the balance of living abroad.

Over the weekend, I was getting cabin fever from staring at the computer screen all day, so Antonio thought it would be a good idea to take a late night walk.  We walked to Piazza Signoria and saw the Loggia lit in bright Rose colored lights. My favorite statue in the entire world is placed here, "Rape of the Sabine Woman" by Giambologna (rape = to take away, not the modern connotation as we know it).  When I get tired, lonely, and frustrated I go look at this magnificent body of art. Somehow I can always put myself in this woman's position of struggle.  I remember the first time I saw this in 1998, I cried at its beauty. Now, here it was lit so beautifully with rose colored highlights.

Experiences like this are constant reminders of why I am here.


Lafemmet said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing. And don't work to hard. don't forget to stop for a relaxing cafe. Thanks again for writing. I love reading about Italy.

La Design Boutique said...

So happy to hear how happy you are! =)

LindyLouMac said...

It is the little things that make it all feel right :)

Christy said...

I appreciate all the nice notes from you ladies! Si si, all the piccolo cose make the difference!

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