April 19, 2011

Happiness times three! La famiglia!

Dear fellow friends & bloggers. I am sorry to have been MIA the last few weeks, but there has been so much good stuff happening in my life, I do not have time to blog about it. Honestly, I have not had time to breathe from all the fantastic stuff that is happening around me. I will back track, and try to keep in short with my Happiness Project. I know I am probably cheating with combining my weeks together in one post, but, cest la vie. It has to be done this way!

Week One, March 29th. One of my best friends from last year moved back to Florence. Maggie was part of the "Italian Dream Team", as I like to call my group of girlfriends. When you get us together, you better watch out, we are invincible. We are also like family, so it feels so good to have another piece of that family back in Florence. We have already spent many nights taking walks through the Old City, catching up on our lives, drinking good wine, and eating good food. She even motivated me to join the gym. Her welcoming back dinner was in perfect form filled with so much laughter my face hurt the next day from smiling so much (combined with the Limoncello our handsome waiter kept pouring us). I am glad Maggie is back!

Week 2, April 5. My mother & brother came to visit Italy. We went on the whirlwind tour of Rome, Florence, Pisa & Venice. It was my brothers first time to Italy, so it is always refreshing to see Italy through someone else's eyes. We rented a fabulous apartment in Rome through Sleep in Italy, which was very close to Piazza Navona. I highly suggest getting an apartment over a hotel in Rome anyday. Its more fun, you feel like a local and its more economical. While Mom & Court visited the main historic sites, I stayed at the apartment to work. Truly, I think the only thing I did for those days in Rome was eat pasta, drink wine and take walks. So worth it the extra weight I put on in the process. Upon returning to Florence, my boyfriend gave me the new nickname "patata" (potato) - hence, joining the gym wasn't so difficult.

I still think Rome is the most beautiful & delicious city in the world.

Week 3, Florence & Venezia! The following week, we were here in Florence. Mom & Court rented a little apartment from my agency in the same building I live in, so it was nice & convenient for them to be close by. I showed them the classic aperitivo, Court climbed the Duomo, they met the Italian boyfriend, and they even took a fun cooking lesson @ Il Porcellino by Piazza Repubblica (Still one of my favorites in Florence). 

A few days later, we were off to Venice for a very short stay. The best part of this side trip was visiting Murano, the little island village, famous for it's glass. This town was so special, I think it deserves a whole blog entry on it's own. So that will be coming next, I promise :)

I think the underlying theme of the last month is family. Having your close friends come "home" to Florence, having your family come visit you in a foreign place. Nothing replaces family for me, so it was important that my mother & brother enjoyed visiting the place I love so much. I know I say this regularly, but I am so blessed to have the life & experiences I am right now. My job is good, my friends are amazing, I love my family & boyfriend. I feel good.....Finally.

 I am starting to believe that notion that things just 'fall into place' in the way they are meant to be & at the right time. 


Maggie said...

Nothing makes me happier than to be able to contribute to your Happiness Project! Grazie mille for including me in your great month, it has been SO great for me, too. As the saying goes, "friends are the family we choose for ourselves." I am honored to be part of yours... love you!

Val said...

Never apologize for saying you are blessed and you are happy!!! Love you tons and cant wait to see you.

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