April 21, 2011

'Only in Italy' Series

My girlfriend, Sally, over @ Slice of Tuscany and I have decided to write a series called "Only in Italy". These are all funny things that happen to us everyday living in Florence. We work together at the agency, so you can imagine all the stuff we laugh about. Everything from the random things that our Italian, male bosses say, to the crazy things people say to us on the street.

Last night I was at a bar with my boyfriend, and we were having trouble translating a few words from English to Italian, so we asked the bartender for a dictionary. Randomly, he had one. Italian version, Italian publisher from 2007. I was flipping through the pages, and saw this below. Notice anything funny, and absolutely appalling for all of us independent, free-thinking, working women?

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this. I showed it to the bartender (male) and to my boyfriend and they had no idea what the problem was. I said "The men are fully dressed, and the woman is not only wearing slinky lingerie (garter belt included), but she also has cleavage!! Absolutely incredible!

Move on to the 21st century Italy.  Per favore! Only in Italy!


Murissa Maurice said...

Hah! I know what you mean. In Rome I couldn't walk anywhere without being yelled at - God knows what they were saying! Verona too, we had a nice dinner outside and a couple of 50 year old men were whistling at us telling us to come over for a drink to the neighbouring bar.

The Wanderfull Traveler

Shelley E said...

love your blog- I stumbled on it when I did a search on Florence. Great posts! :)

Christy said...

Ciao Murissa! Thank you for reading my blog! I enjoyed yours as well! Looking forward to reading more!

Shelley - welcome! Have fun reading about fun stuff in Florence! Ciao!


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