April 20, 2011

Terms of Endearment

To piggy back (no pun intended) on a sentence in my previous post, I have to write about the "terms of endearment" that are used from my boyfriend. When asked to other Italians, are these normal? is he being sweet? The answer was always "Si". I really hope all these people were telling the truth, otherwise, I will be forming a complex.

Somehow when they are spoken from an Italian, they do seem more flirtatious and endearing. If an American man said some of these words to me (in English), I'd probably slap him across the face. 

For example: 
"Patata" (Potato)
I am assured that its not only from the round figure, but also attributed to the back side.

"Mia Mozzarella" (My mozzarella)
When asked "Why do you call me mozzarella?" The reply was "Because you are so white"

"La Tigre" (The Tiger)
More commonly used to associate the woman as "sexy"

"Mio Amore" (My love)
This one is used both formally & informally from both sexes. Somehow in Italian it sounds so much better :)

I saved the best one for last. I am not the only one of my friends that have been called by their boyfriend "Il Porcellino" (Little Pig). A friend who is married to an Italian told me thats its a compliment to be nicknamed after things that that are delicious! I can accept patata, mozzarella, tigre, amore, but "little pig"? How could this possibly be something sweet? But, it is!!!

I had to laugh about it, and decided in the end to give myself the nickname "Miss Piggy" and him "Kermit". The similarities are actually kind of similar. I have big blonde hair, droopy blue eyes and rosey cheeks. He is skinny and well, kind of green!! :) How's that for cultural differences? :)

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