May 9, 2011

Non sono "vegetariana"

Alright kiddos, it's official. I am no longer a vegetarian. After living my life for over 15 years of very very limited chicken & fish, and absolutely no meat, I finally gave in and ate a Bistecca Fiorentina (Florentine Steak). Last fall, when I was going through trial & error for my headache problems, a doctor advised I get on a strict diet, filled with lots of protein, fruits & vegetables. So in desperation, I tried to eat red meat. My girlfriend would cut me a slice of her meat and say "If you don't like this, you will never eat meat". I tried, and it was terrible. I could not get the sound of "Moo" out of my head while I was chomping away.

A few months later I was out to dinner at Benvenuto in Santa Croce, and decided to go for it. I ordered a fillet with porcini mushroom sauce & rucola salad. Che fantastica! I am a firm believer however, that everything tastes good with porcini mushrooms. I still had to have my boyfriend cut it up for me, because I found it difficult to slice properly.

Over time, people have continued to introduce me to some of the popular Italian meats: ranging from prosciutto crudo & cotto (ham), filetto di manzo (beef tenderloin) and get ready for this, the 'all American' hamburger from The Diner. As time passes I try to not hear the 'mooing' or 'oink oink' of the animal, but remember how much energy I do have after eating red meat. I keep telling myself its okay morally because the foods in Italy are not mass produced or overfed with hormones.

We buy the meats at the market and eat them the same day. Unless you want to eat pasta & pizza everyday, I did find it difficult to be a vegetarian here. It's not like there are Doc Chey's salad joints & Chipotle bean burritos around.

Points for Italy for opening myself up to other foods that are healthy for you :)


Murissa Maurice said...

Congratulations on coming to the dark and delicious side of food lol. No the thing about Italy is that the meat and cheeses that are produced there are not fed hormones (like you said) or anything damaging to the human body nor to theirs. It is so much better for you and delicious to boot.
At times I do want to have the will power to be vegetarian but then you get those amazing meals where it just isn't worth it. However, I do watch how much red meat I eat because if I have it more than 3 times a week I find I feel sick. Perhaps due to the hormones.
Anyways, you live in a good place not to be vegetarian!

La Design Boutique said...

You've been converted! Congratulations!!!! You are absolutely right, you couldn't have chosen a better place to start eating red meat. Buon appetito!

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