June 25, 2011

Grazie San Giovanni

Italy has 11 national holidays where almost all businesses are closed, ranging from the normal ones like Christmas & Easter to holidays to celebrate Epiphany (when the Magi came to visit Jesus) & The Immaculate Conception (when Mary was preserved from sin).  Then each city has their own holiday dedicated to their patron saint, yesterday here in Florence was for San Giovanni (John the Baptist). That makes 12 holidays per year where citizens are given off work, bravo! (In United States, there are 7 total).

The city is flooded with tourists and activities, so we decided to get out dodge and head to the coast. We looked up the weather all along the western coast, and decided to go to Castiglioncello, south of Livorno. It is a tiny little coastal town, that didn't have much of a beach to speak off, but did have all these cool spots to layout and take in the sun. Antonio loves swimming in the sea, so we found a little spot on the rocks to relax, read and do absolutely nothing. 

 Living here I have come to realize how important the earth's natural elements are to us. As I have written before, with my headaches, there is nothing better than being at the water. Instantly I felt relaxed listening to the waves crash & the wind blow. Then, I cannot forget to mention how delicious the food is. Most of the businesses were closed (not for the holiday),  this is not an area for tourists, so what you see is what you get. We did stumble upon one restaurant where the waiter said "Mi dispiace, la cucina e chiuso" (The kitchen is closed), but then the owner came running out and said for us to sit down and enjoy the view, he would make us an antipasti of seafood. Che fantastica! YUMMO!

The fresh food, air & sea with the most darling man I know, what more could I ask for?


Val said...

Good Stuff Christine!

Murissa Maurice said...

Looks delicious and so much fun in the sun!

The Wanderfull Traveler

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