June 17, 2011

When the 'story' began

Today is my 'unofficial' anniversary with Antonio. I met him shortly after I moved to Florence, but as most things are in Italy, things take time. I have to get approval from him to tell the whole story of how we met, because I think its quite entertaining, but I have to respect his privacy as well. 

To keep it short & sweet, our first official "date" was one year ago. Time passed, then we became "official" much later. The reason why I tell you this vague information is because even though today is not the day that we decided to be together, it is the day we started this "story" (as they say in Italy).

Last night at the stroke of midnight I was surprised with delicately made sweet treats & a delicious bottle of wine. Cioccolato & fruit is yummy, but the love is sweeter.

"Io sono fortunata"


Lucy said...

Lovely! Happy Friday!

Murissa Maurice said...

Congrats! The treats and the wine sound lovely but I am sure it is so much sweeter to share it with him!

The Wanderfull Traveler

Val said...


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