June 29, 2011

Why change è molto bene

So after living in the same apartment for almost a year & a half, in the Santa Croce neighborhood, I moved to another part of the Old City this week. This is already proving to be so good for my soul. I am naturally a creature of habit, so I got into the same routine living in one particular area of Florence. Even though Florence is very small, each of the districts are very different, with different offerings, different vibes. I have been a little timid to get out of my little pocket in Santa Croce, because I know all the streets by heart, I live & work in the same building, the grocery store is 10 seconds away (literally), I say "Buon Giorno" to the same people everyday, and I have my coffee from Walter downstairs every morning.

Now I am closer to the Piazza Repubblica area, and I am only a few blocks off the Arno River. Everyday I get to cross over the Ponte Vecchio to get groceries, I see the river, I see the sunset, I see lovers locking their locks & taking photos. You might say to yourself "Come on Christy, the Ponte Vecchio is 5 minutes from your old house". But when its 30 seconds away, you see it more! This is my new front door and I love it. 

Florence does not change, but you do. I can feel a sense of relief, excitement & joy over my new home. I am really looking forward to discovering even more about Florence and how I will change being in this new little pocket of the city. So many good things are the horizon with my relationships here, so my new fabulous casa is just the starting point. Soon I will post all the photos of my new place, and the funny stories that go along with moving in Florence, ciao!!! XO

"Benvenuti della nuova vita"
The reason why I write about groceries is because I will be living in this cucina! :)


Murissa Maurice said...

Looks like a lovely a spacious home! Kitchen in great and the door is so colourful and fun. Good luck!

The Wanderfull Traveler

leigh said...

This post made me very happy!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I love the look of your new appartment interior and exterior. Happy Times in your new abode.

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