July 2, 2011

My fall in Florence

This is my close friend, Maggie, and I adore her! She is hysterically funny & very witty. 
I am blessed to have her as my friend. She is the owner of M Keller Design, an independent graphic design company now based in Florence, Italy. She did many of the graphics on my blog too! She writes a fantastic blog over at My Fall in Florence, so have fun reading through her adventures of living in Italy. Here is a little snippet of goodness:

Broken Records and New Tricks

I have in the past made mention of my tendency toward habit. For years, I found my daily routine comforting. Wake up around 5:30am, go to the gym, come home and start the coffee (which had been dutifully prepared the night before), get ready for work, sit with my breakfast in front of the Today show and then head to work. Disruptions to this routine were uncomfortable to me, and not particularly welcome.

I had moments of fear that I had grown so set in my ways that my future was destined to slip away in this broken-record fashion.

Then in 2008, I made the decision to leave my job and strike out on my own. Scary, yes, but at that point I was so ready for a change and figured it would be good for me to shake things up a bit. Gone was the need for pre-dawn workouts, the need to shower first thing in the morning... indeed to shower at all! It was incredibly freeing. I could roll out of bed whenever I felt like it which by then, even on weekends, was around 7:30 (or 8:00am if I was feeling really lazy). Who needs makeup? Certainly not me, especially if I'll be hitting that gym at 10:30 or 11:00am while everyone else is at work!

But like all creatures of habit, old routines were soon replaced by new ones. Get up, sit at the computer while watching the Today show and eating my breakfast (always the same thing, BTW...) Work out mid-late morning, back for lunch while watching HGTV, then some more work... you get the idea.

Then came this crazy Italy thing in 2009 and the rather striking disruption of any type of routine I had been clinging to for so long. I have chronicled some of that in the past but coming here was a game-changer in so many ways. No more comfort to be found in the familiar because nothing was familiar. Where is there a gym? How do you even say the word gym? How the hell do I use this little metal coffee thing??? I WANT MY KRUPS!

This experience has been sort of a "reawakening" or maybe just a regression of sorts. I sometimes feel like I am living the life I should have been living in my late 20s/early 30s when I was so busy preparing my coffee the night before. Now the girl who would never have dreamed of going to the gym after about 1:00pm goes at 11:00, or 1:30, or even 4 or 5:00pm. A day trip planned to the beach at Viareggio became an overnight trip based on an invitation received about 1/2 hour before departure. A walk home from an evening out with the girls in early May ended in kissing a random boy on the street* (I nicknamed him the Italian Josh Groban).

Would these things have happened before my reawakening? I think not!

(* As a side note, I was not the only one kissing a random boy on the street that night...)

What this all means is that maybe old dogs can learn new tricks after all. Maybe this idea of being "too set in my ways" is all just a state of mind. Sure, there will always be some elements of routine in my life. I will always wake up and have coffee first thing in the morning (as will most of the world). I will always brush my teeth right before going to bed (especially after kissing random boys on the street). But what happens between is all up in the air.

Forget those broken records, I left them in the dust. This old dog has an iPod anyway.

My Fall in Florence 

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