July 13, 2011

Places I love ♥ : Piazza Ghiberti

 Ever since moving to Florence, there is something about this residential building at Piazza Ghiberti in Santa Croce that I just love. This piazza itself is not very eye pleasing, especially comparing to the other grand piazzas of Florence. It has a flat concrete surface where little children play soccer, and some of the buildings are abandoned. Right now there are gorgeous flowers on the terrace, bright blue sunny days and the typical Florentine architecture colors of siena & taupe. 

So typical Italian, so typically beautiful.


Murissa Maurice said...

Lovely! I have to say there wasn't any one place that I could tell you I love more in Florence. They were all spectacular. All the bridges have their own personality and views. All the squares are unique and historic in their own way. And the Duomo has a presence where ever you go, but right in front of it is overwhelming and lovely. But the little spots that catch you off guard is sometimes the best, like you demonstrated.

The Wanderfull Traveler

Saretta said...

Gorgeous colors!

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