July 29, 2011

Rewind edition : My Seven Links

I was recently invited by fellow blogger Murissa over at The Wanderfull Traveler to participate in an online project called My 7 Links whose goal is to unite blog writers from all over the world . It was really fun to take a trip back down memory lane to previous posts. I am thankful for the invitation and look forward to reading interesting stories from women all across the world!

My Most Beautiful Blog:  The Sun & the Sky
A short but sweet entry about the beautiful sunsets in Florence

My Most Popular Blog: 1st Installment of La Dolce Vita
A new series with fellow expat women bloggers

My Most Helpful Blog: How Italians Eat?
Yummy cheesecake in Firenze

 The Blog That Didn't Get The Attention It Deserved: Italia Bucket List
Learning to cope with challenges of living abroad

The Most Controversial Blog: Short list from America
The only blog entry I have where someone anonymous was upset with me, I am thankful for their reply and the information I learned from their advice. 

The Blog Who's Success Surprised Me: When you want to give up
Another entry about living abroad with challenges, realizing the big picture of the good things in life

The Blog I am Most Proud Of:  Finding Balance
Coming to realize how important my family, friends and loved ones are. La vita è bella.

In addition to My personal 7 Links, I also invited some friends along to participate. These are both people I know personally, and friendships I have formed through writing the blog. Take a peek at their fabulous sites as well! Thank you Murissa!!!

1. Leigh vs. Laundry : A friend from college who writes an unbelievably funny, interesting and touching blog about her life with her beautiful children & husband.

2. My Fall in Florence : Maggie's take on living in Italy and all the fun stuff that happens

3. My Sweet Florence : Beautifully written blog about undiscovered spots in Florence

4. An American in Rome : Darling blog about life in the Eternal City

5. Slice of Tuscany : How to experience Italy in a different way with my friend Sally

P.S. Another great expat website for Women : Woman Seeks World

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