July 12, 2011

Terracina, I love thee !

Citta : Terracina
Region of Italy : Latina
Population: 45,000

I love this town where Antonio is from. It sits on the sea with mountains behind. It is a coastal town, but a also a mountainous town. On one street it is run down, on the next, there are beautiful villas on the beach. 

I am reminded every time I go there that "Terracina is older than Rome", and it certainly does feel like it. The historical center sits on top of a hill just off the water, and while you are enjoying your afternoon coffee, you look to the right and see ancient ruins being discovered. 

\The people are so charming & welcoming. The seafood is plentiful and the air is clean.  I discovered an amazing ancient road just outside his family's house and I cannot wait to tell you all about it.
I welcome any opportunity to go back!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Looks like a lovely place.

Pieni Lintu said...


Sally said...

Beautiful! Lovely pictures, as always. Next time, I want to go with you! :)

Jessica said...

So pretty! Love the photos!

Sue said...

These photos make me want to visit!


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