August 25, 2011

Nawlins & Sunny Florida

We spend a decent amount of time at the beaches in Italy, so I wanted to show my boyfriend how beautiful the beaches of Florida were. We initially were only going to go for 2 days, but when I showed him on the map where we were going, he quickly saw that New Orleans "looked close". As many of you know, nothing is very close in the United States. From where we were in Florida, it took 4 hours by car to arrive to New Orleans. But it was okay! We had a fantastic time relaxing on the white sandy beaches, enjoying our cocktails and perfect blue waters, then headed off to Nawlins!

We arrived to our fantastic hotel, took a quick power nap, then went to stroll the streets of the French Quarter. It was unbelievably hot. Heat like I have never felt before. 103 degrees & sticky. Mamma mia, there was not one person on the streets! Many of the buildings are still being reconstructed from hurricane Katrina, and during the day it was almost like a ghost town, a bit erry. It was really interesting however for us to see architecture so different than what we are used to in Italy.

We found a cool spot at the French Market and wolfed down some typical New Orleans food : Fried oysters, shrimps and jumbalaya! Yummy-licious! Here are a couple of before & after shots :)

I had to head back to the hotel to rest for a little while, but Antonio was determined to see what else the city had to offer. He was out in the city when it really started to wake up. We came to the conclusion, that New Orleans does not come alive until the sun starts to set. All sorts of people, music and energy came alive during the night time hours. You can watch him partaking in the fun with the street jazz performers & homies dancing on Bourbon Street! (keep watching)

 We were on such limit time, so only got to walk through Bourbon Street that night. We found a fantastic diner and chowed down (again) on some cajun food. Then as luck would have it - next door to the restaurant was a beautiful jazz club, a perfect end to our mini-vacation within our American Holiday.


Barbara said...

Welcome back, let's meet up some day. I am off the next couple of days, then back in the saddle until November. Might be conisdering a new apt. next apring so interested in knowing what you do. You can also reach me at See you soon, good blog!

Murissa Maurice said...

Thank you for sharing! My parents were able to experience New Orleans the year before Katrina. We are thinking about going back all together to celebrate my graduation from University.
Food looks amazing as well!
My dream to explore the South USA! Savannah and New Orleans are top of my list.

The Wanderfull Traveler

nancy.johnson said...

Hi Christy, I am enjoying your blog. I'm glad you all had such a great time in NO. I hope to see you and your mom at PRUMC again soon!

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