August 5, 2011

Places I love ♥ : Santo Spirito

I cannot keep track of how many times I have walked across the river to Piazza Santo Spirito. It is one of our favorite areas to hang out & relax.  There are some darling boutiques and fantastic restaurants in this neighborhood as well. 

For some reason when I walked there yesterday I felt different when looking at the church. I think the sunlight & clouds hit the front in a different way, or maybe it was just my mood. I stood there in marvel staring at the blank facade of the cathedral. So many of the grand cathedrals in Italy have intricate designs dating back to the Renaissance, so this was in stark contrast. I love the simplicity and delicate iron cross.

It was that feeling inside when you see something for the very first time, like the Duomo or St. Peter's. With such awe and appreciation of their beauty. So many times I forget to stop and look around, so I am glad I did this day.

P.S. There is a wooden cross on the inside of this church by Michelangelo !

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Murissa Maurice said...

Lovely photo! That was one thing about Italy that I loved, the various "little" churches that you go into and find something amazing and so unexpected: A small wooden cross by an amazing artist, relics like a petrified tongue in Padua or an amazing paintain by Titian or a statue by Canova at the Frari church in Venice (my favourite!).

Thank you for sharing!
The Wanderfull Traveler

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