September 3, 2011

5 reasons you know you are back in Italy

1. The first place you go is to the cafe to have a double caffe macchiato! 
The days of full cups of coffee are finito!

2. Your boyfriend is standing on the platform of the train station awaiting your arrival screaming "Amoooooore!!!!!"

3. A rude Italian calls you a "Stupid American" for picking up his back pack that is the exact same Jansport back pack you are traveling with (an American company no less)

4. Your first meal back at home is pasta fagioli with olive oil.

5. The gigantic billboard ads in the Milano airport, train station and throughout the city center look something like the photo below, what would the people in the Bible belt have to say about this? Grazie Giorgio Armani!


Lindy Lou said...

I have just finished reading all your blogs! What a little adventure you took me on. In some ways it reminded me of my many visits to Italy. I love that we can have an affinity with a country that is miles away, whether you have ties,as I do, or not, such as yourself. I think you have discovered after being there that ties that bind creep up slowly and take hold softly, but how sweet it is to be held by a jewel such as Italia bella.

Murissa Maurice said...

Congrats that you are back!
I have definitely had one of those moments when an Italian, an unofficial cab driver in Rome, ripped us off thinking we were dumb Americans. He quotes us 20 euro at first but then when we arrived it was 35 euros! I gave him 25 (5 for tip) and he barked at me. My boyfriend didn't know how much I gave him and was startled so handed him 35 euros. In the end we were just first time stupid Canadians. "Chow Bella!" he yelled as he drove away with 60 euros!!

Oh well, I do love Italy just not that guy.
The Wanderfull Traveler

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Oh my goodness I thought I was seeing things Christy, another LindyLou for a minute I thought they were my comments above!
Anyway welcome back and I will be here on Monday to post for La Dolce Vita.

Christy said...

Hi gals! Thanks for much for the comments! Lindy LouMac, I thought the same thing! Welcome to Lindy Lou !

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things now that I am home!

Buon weekend belle!!!

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