September 5, 2011

La Dolce Vita - Meeting at the station

Okay folks, here it goes. This could be the cheesiest post thus far about my life & love of living in Italy. But guess what? I don't care one smidget! 

For my whole life I have always seen couples reuniting in different forms. In Atlanta it is normally at the top of the airport escalators before you arrive to baggage claim. Sometimes, its on the curb outside waiting for your loved ones to pick you up. I was the girl that didn't need or want my significant other to show how much they cared, so I was content being picked up on the curb, hop in the car, then a quick lean over kiss to say "Hello, I missed you", in private.

I had a somewhat of nerve racking trip back to Italy, but after 2 days of difficulties, I was back in Florence! It is a sweet sign that I picked the right guy, who came running in the middle of his working day, to meet me as I departed the train from Milano.

Nothing, yes, NOTHING is better than getting off the train to see your handsome man waiting there for you with arms stretched, smile wide and yelling "Amore!".  This happens in real life here, it's not just the movies.

As many of you know, Italians are not afraid of PDA, in fact they love it. I have officially turned into one of those people who doesn't care either, and happy to tell you all about it!

Yes y'all, this is romance - this is Italia.

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La Dolce Vita

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Veronica said...

Hi from your newest follower! i am sooo envious!!! Living in Florence... most beautful city as far as I go. I visited briefly in 2006 and would luv luv to return and just stroll the streets and snap away with my camera!

Greetings from Cape Town

Anonymous said...

Romance is the best!!!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

What a sweet post not cheesey at all Christy. :) I am delighte to be linking up with you this week.

Why Rome? said...

So sweet!! I was never one of those girls either...always keep it simple, keep it calm. Not now. The hubby and I are just like that. I always run and greet him with a big hug and kiss when he comes home or we meet up during the day when we have different schedules. It's always a big deal to be 'reunited' it should be. Love is grand! :-)

Cathi said...

That is so sweet! I love seeing couples reunite from airports or train stations! xxoo :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I love the feeling of being in a movie! Lovely passionated Italians... :)

Katie said...

i am a new follower and this post gave me chills! :) i so want this one day, congrats to you!

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