September 12, 2011

La Dolce Vita - Midnight runs for Gelato

I love that Florence is a walkable city. It is so much fun to take a stroll around the historic centre, and be fully & completely entertained without doing much of anything. My days are filled with work, personal projects, and playing housewife (my choice, which I am happy about). Often times I look up and it's already midnight and I am having my normal late night craving : Gelato.

It does the trick every.single.time. I have my personal favorite gelateria that I will write about in another post, but my new favorite flavor is "cookies & crema". It doesn't get much better than having this sweet treat while sitting in a beautiful piazza watching the world go by. 

I return home with taste buds & soul satisfied. 

I have always loved this advertisement for "Eat Pray Love" 
"Do you love Italy as much as I do? Join me in sharing with others about our passion for "La Dolce Vita"

The rules are simple : Every Monday, write about something you love about Italy, or your sweet life in general, then grab my icon and add it to your post.

La Dolce Vita

Most important, do not forget to link up here so everyone can read about your adventures with all things Italian, Grazie belle!

1 comment:

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I agree it is definitely a La Dolce vita moment to be sitting in a piazza on a hot summer's night after midnight enjoying a gelato.

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