September 11, 2011

Places I love ♥ : Baldobar

My favorite new little spot is Baldobar at Piazza Santa Croce. I have been to Baldovini (the restaurant, in the same restaurant group) many times before, but had never checked out this tiny joint next door. I really love the new design of the interior, it has a beautiful mix of french & farmhouse decor that gives off a really cool vibe. They have an outside patio, if that is your preference, but I personally love the small, private nook on the inside.

My server, Freddie (who is darling) hustles around and is so nice & genuine. This is a big perk for Florence. The best part was the delicious "Quiche Lorraine" I had for breakfast. It literally melted in my mouth! Add this with a bottle of water & a caffe and the grand total only came to €5. 

This is a bargain for good service, good food and a good atmosphere. 

Via S.Giuseppe 20r / Piazza Santa Croce 


Murissa Maurice said...

Such an adorable spot!
Thanks for sharing and I will have to get a comprehensive list of delicious and interesting places to eat in Florence to take my sister next year.
I have to admit that she is a Jersey Shore fan and has been watching the new season in Italy.
I feel ill when I see them wasting their time fighting and getting hammered when the beautiful city of Florence awaits, but I suppose that is the point of the show.

Did you have the misfortune of seeing any of them when they were filming in Florence?

The Wanderfull Traveler

Christy said...

I will send you a good list of the places I really love here in Florence! I only saw the Jersey Shore group one night in Santa Croce, but I had friends that saw them around & about a bunch! I never saw the Snookie girl though! too bad :)

Eleonora said...

Ciao Christy,
thank you for visiting and leaving your lovely comments on my blog.
My cousin is in Florence studying a year abroad, and I'll be up visiting him sometime soon. So we should hook up!


Christy said...

Elenora: We should def. meet up in Florence! Get in touch a few days before you come and we can schedule something! I was in your beautiful city today and fell in love all over!

kim said...

Looks like a great place! We are a US Navy Family living in Naples Italy. We are heading to Florence this weekend & would love a couple of suggestions for Florence. Good place to eat with 2 boys ages 9 & 14. thanks!

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