September 4, 2011

Places I love ♥ : Vinaio

One of my favorite spots for a quick snack and cheap glass of wine is on Via dei Neri, at All'antico Vinaio. This little spot is open on/off during the day, then from 5-8:30ish in the evening.

You can have a 2 euro glass of wine with some delicious snacks like fried gorgonzola balls, tartufo crostini, and artichokes hearts. These only cost around .70 cents each.

You take what you want on a small wooden plate then sit outside to enjoy the people watching. Once you are finished, tell the young man Tommaso behind the counter what you had to eat and he gives you the total! Similar to the honor system the Spanish use during the tapas crawl. Enjoy!

Via dei Neri #65r


Murissa Maurice said...

Great photo!
This place sounds delicious. May be a bit tough to explain what I had as I don't speak much Italian. I am learning through Rosetta Stone so hopefully I will be able to communicate by next September!

P.S - Do you have any good photos of a Florentine Steak from Il Latini? I tryied e-mailing them about it but I am not sure if they understand English. I have good shots of the exterior but I just need the interior and food for an article. If you have any I would gladly recognize your photos and provide a link to your blog via the online magazine. (approx 100,000 people view it per month)

The Wanderfull Traveler

Christy said...

Ciao Murissa!
No problem about the photos for Il Latini! Other than the interior, any particular food you need a photo of?
I can send them your way this week!
Hugs from Firenze,

Sonia @ My Sweet Monkey said...

If I ever go to Florence again, I know where I'm going for an aperitivo!

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