October 15, 2011

13 anni fa (13 years ago), Grazie UGA!

Great stuff right here y'all! The University of Georgia's study abroad program had updated their website to include the group photo from the trip we took to Cortona, Italy. Here I am with short, boy cut, red hair on the 2nd row from the top, 4th from the left, sitting next to the cute boy (of course).

I blogged back in February about my birthday day trip to Cortona with my friends, so I wanted to post both of these photos now together! Friendships never change.

This is where the love affair with Italy started, and has grown to me living here full time 13 years later. 

A little dream can become a reality!

Fall 1998 

Winter 2011


Anonymous said...

I was in the Cortona class of 1988. I was a student at Auburn, but had a professor there who taught in Cortona many summers during his career. I love it there, and love following your blog.
I currently live in ATL near Emory.

Thanks for posting the photos!

Amanda in ATL

Murissa Maurice said...

What a great last photo with all of you on the steps! It looks like a photo of heroic women!

The Wanderfull Traveler

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