October 10, 2011

La Dolce Vita - The fall in Florence

I am so excited that the weather has cooled off in Florence that I am practically busting at the seams! Over the weekend I was thrilled to gather all my sandals (that I think are so uncomfortable to wear on the streets here), little sundresses and bathing suits (dread) and pack away until next year. Amen! I can get all my scarves, fabby jackets & hats out to wear. I have to tell myself not to go shopping to get more of these things because my closest is already full of them. But who can resist!?

We took a late night walk last night to get our cioccolato caldo (hot chocolate), and the streets were virtually empty. The city was resting and silent.

My favorite season in Florence is the fall. I feel like I get my adopted city all back to myself. The air feels fresher, the sunsets are clearer and the trees are beginning to change colors. It is also the season I started my relationships with living in Italy. First in 1998 when I was studying in Cortona, then again in 2009 when I moved to Florence. This season of the year reminds me of the sentiments I have for living in this country. A small taste of la dolce vita.

I know that much colder weather and rain are around the corner, so I am cherishing every moment of this perfect weather now. 

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La Dolce Vita

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I so agree with you. Fall is my personal New Year. I love it! I'm sorry that I haven't written anything for La Dolce Vita for some weeks now, but I am so damn busy... I keep reading yours and the others however :-)

A presto,

Why Rome? said...

I am with you, I LOVE the fall and the cooler weather it brings! :-)

Lindy Lou said...

I was lucky enough to be there in November a few years back and loved that there were few tourists...our lot being some of them!

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