October 24, 2011

La Dolce Vita - Iluminated David

I absolutely love how creative can be, especially here in Florence. I went to take a stroll this weekend and stumbled upon Piazza Signoria covered in beautiful lights. Many tourists & local people alike were standing in awe of how gorgeous the piazza looked. The lights gleamed rotating the colors of bright reds, purples and blues. Of course, I personally love looking at the David replica. 

One can never get tired of him. 

These are the quick moments that I love living in Florence.

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La Dolce Vita

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Lindy Lou said...

Ooh! I love David's shadow in these photos!

Ciaoemy said...

Beautiful colors. I am in awe just looking at your pictures. Can't imagine seeing it in person.

Why Rome? said...

So pretty! I bet it was really lovely to see in person. One of those magical Italian moments. :-)

Murissa Maurice said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.
I never had the chance to see the real David. I heard that location (I can't remember the name) of where he is currently placed offers great views of Florence.

The Wanderfull Traveler

Christy said...

Thanks ladies! It was truly jaw dropping and so much fun to sit around and watch the colors change. I felt like a little kid again.

Murissa, there is a replica at Piazzale Michelangelo that has incredible views of Florence, but the real thang is at the Accademia (when you come next year, you have to see the real one, he is "beau-tissimo" :)

Yumeezy said...

hey there, christy! i recently discovered your blog and it's lovely :) it's fantastic that you made the move to be where you want to be--florence <3 i'm contemplating a trip to italy in february for my birthday and i plan to spend a huge chunk of the 2 weeks in florence. any tips for a gal traveling solo? will the weather be decent enough to spend entire days walking around? i don't mind cold weather but it'd be helpful to know if it rains/snows much during february. is it fairly easy to find tour groups on the fly or would this be something i should plan way in advance?

i'd love to hear your input!


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