October 6, 2011

Places I love ♥ : Pampaloni

There is this beautiful shop in my neighborhood that specializes in silver accessories, furniture and hollowware. The Pampaloni family established their silversmith business in 1902 and have created pieces for the Vatican, luxury hotels, jets & yachts. The interesting thing is that I never see anyone inside the store, I think people are too afraid because it is almost like stepping into a fancy museum. I feel like I need to be dressed up to even be allowed inside. Fortunately for all the passer by's, their window displays are some of the most unique & creative I have seen in Florence. 

I particularly love this one they have installed right now of the large silver cheese piece sticks in stark contrast with the rocks below. I will have to investigate further their message above that says "since 1902, not appreciated by dictators". A powerful message from the recent destruction of Geddafi's sons house in Libya. 

Via Porta Rossa #99

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the sign is interesting, looking forward to another post describing that one...looks like a really gorgeous shop

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