November 21, 2011

La Dolce Vita - Appreciation

Hi everyone. I apologize for my delay in posting in the series this week, the last days have been very busy for us, so I am running a little behind today. I will be honest, I had not formulated what I was going to write about for this weeks installment.

As some of you know, I often have difficulties living in Italy. I know from an outsiders perspective one might say "How can anyone not like living in Italy?". They are right, to a certain degree. I am eager for a sense of order and respect for one another, which sometimes is lacking here. After 2 years of living in Florence, I am still searching for ways to manage my frustration with this.  Recently, through God's grace and an amazing trager therapist here in Florence, I am able to know how to really "let go".

What I DO know for sure is : I do feel fortunate to have met Antonio. I do feel blessed to have the best girlfriends in the entire world. I do feel lucky to walk past some of the most extraordinary works of art :

I went back through 7000 photos (that's right y'all) to find some of the photos that can help express visually why I am appreciative of my life here, in THIS moment. 

View of Duomo at Sunset

This is the first photo I took on my first day in Florence

David Replica at Sunset

I cried the first time I saw this, and it still remains my favorite statue in the world
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La Dolce Vita

Most important, do not forget to link up here so everyone can read about your adventures with all things Italian, Grazie belle!


Veronica said...

Wow this post brings back such lovely memories from my visit to Florence in 2006~!!! I am inspired to go dig out my photos and to blog about it!! and you have a linky as well... Florence must be the most beautiful city that I have visited and I wish I could get back there and take better photos. Since I started blogging I look at photos with different your pics. That duomo is amazing!!!

Tassles Twigs and Tastebuds

Sara Amrhein said...

Seriously beautiful photos! Especially the one of the Duomo. I know it can be frustrating at times and there are some things we will never get used to, I have to remind myself sometimes that nothing and nowhere is perfect! But all this beauty sure makes up for many of its faults:)

Natalie said...

These are beautiful! I am particularly smitten with the first shot of the Duomo and the moon! Bello!

I had a framed picture of the same statue in my California apartment for many years before my move to Italia.

Murissa Maurice said...

Life is short and I think what you're doing is providing you with a great intellectual advantage. You are getting know a different culture from your American roots. This is a brave and I am sure difficult thing to go through but as I write I envy your position.

Lovely pictures! The duomo and loggia della signoria is my favourite places to gaze at history.

The Wanderfull Traveler

Christy said...

Thanks girls for posting! Lately its been a whirlwind of emotions, but I am thankful for it! I appreciate all your kind words! Love, Christine

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Hi Christy, I understand how living the dolce vita is not always sweet. If it is ok I will come back tomorrow and link my olive harvest post, sorry it is late. I am still catching up after our olive harvest!

Fragolina said...

great pictures, I loved Florence... I was so happy there.. Wish to go back next year...

Why Rome? said...

Beautiful photos! My favorite is the last one in red...very dramatic. As you know, being an American in Italy, I struggle with some of the same issues as you. It's not always easy, but there are some very beautiful things in and surrounding our life here. I constantly try to focus on the positive ... my husband, our life, the little daily things we do together, healthy meals, walks in the piazzas, museum visits, etc. I'm trying to create our own little world here in Rome. Take the best parts of our traditions, cultures and lifestyle and combine them with some of the great, simple things Italy has to offer. Creating our unique little world without trying to adapt so much to the things and ways of people we don't like here in Italy. Not to say every day is easy, it's definitely not (some days I want to get on a plane and fly 'home'), but not submerging myself into everything Italian works best for me (at this moment). Keep focusing on who and what makes you happy, and on the beauty that surrounds you. You'll find a balance. Love, Andrea xoxo

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