November 28, 2011

La Dolce Vita - 'Thanks'giving week

I have to say that the last couple of weeks of a little bit of frustration were all turned around this last week and put me back in check! (I love how the universe does this). This year was my third Thanksgiving in Florence, but the first where I celebrated properly. A group of girls decided that we should all get together to celebrate with our favorite Thanksgiving dishes and turkey! This was possibly one of the most fun, laid back evenings with friends I have had since living here. There were about 25 people Thanksgiving night from all parts of the world, Italy, United States, Canada, Sweden and England. It truly shows that at the end of the day, friendship, family & love are universal and sometimes we take this for granted. I was so thankful for the people that orgnanized this fantastic dinner, ordered a ginormous turkey and hosted the dinner party. I cannot forget to mention Nadia who made the-most-amazing-stuffing I have ever had (leave it to the Canadian!!)

The next day I was off to Rome for the afternoon to visit my friend Andrea. Who doesn't love being able to be in Rome in an hour to go shopping? I love coming to see her because she is from Alabama, so we obviously have some things in common being two southern chicks living in Italy. We walked all over Rome, had a yummy lunch in Trastevere then ended the afternoon strolling on Via Corso (us, along with every other person in Rome). 
Too much fun for two girls!

That night, Antonio and I left for  Terracina to visit his family before I go back to the United States for Christmas. I really love coming here because his family is so loving and fun to be around. It warms my heart knowing that I have a family away my family back home, that supports me, and my relationship with Antonio. Did I mention the amazing food here? I think all the weight I have lost in the last three weeks doing yoga everyday, I have gained back in 2 days being here. But you know what? I don't care at all because its all made with love for one another. I can actually smell lasagna being made while I am writing this blog entry :) (Will add photos later!)

I am thankful for my life in Italy with my friends & Antonio, I am thankful for both my families here and in the United States.  I am thankful to experience all-of-this-good-stuff.  Happy Holidays!

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La Dolce Vita

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Why Rome? said...

Love this! The Thanksgiving desserts look absolutely amazing!! My mouth is watering. I so miss the food and tastes from home. I know it was such a special thing for you to participate in.

Come to Rome anytime! We love you being here!! So glad and thankful for you spending the afternoon with us!! Hopefully we'll get to see you in Florence soon.

Love, Andrea xoxo

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