November 7, 2011

La Dolce Vita - Verona

When you get two experienced travelers + one native Italian, the chances of finding a place in Italy that no one has been before is almost impossible. Mom and I were talking about how fortunate we have been to have seen so many beautiful places throughout this country over the last 15 years. The Italian transportation system does make it easy for travelers to see so many cities and little villages in very little time.  After all,  Italy is the similar in size to Arizona.

For the holiday weekend, we wanted to take a couple days break outside of Florence, so we pulled out the Italian map and started rattling off locations. We decided to go to Cinque Terre, even though all of us had been there before, we thought this would be a fantastic time to go without all the tourists. Unfortunately a few days later, there was terrible flooding all throughout the region of Ligura. To read more about how destructive the flooding was here (and also in other regions of Italy) Go here: Rick Steves.  

We kicked around so many ideas, then narrowed it down to a Verona. It was so lovely for the three of us to spend time in this incredible city. You can tell there is a deep, rich history there. You see everything from roman ruins to modern day department stores. Beautiful boutique shopping, high end shops, very cool cafes and I think I saw at least 5 amazing rug shops (I am a sucker for persian rugs!). The people were all friendly to us, and we had some fantastic food too! Truffles are in season right now, so we enjoyed having many of our dishes sprinkled with these!

I highly recommend La Cantina dell'Arena jazz bar/restaurant underneath Piazza Bra'. You might have to ask a local where to enter, because you go through a pizzeria type joint, then walk downstairs into a basement. The kitchen is in the center of the restaurant, so you can see all this delicious foods being prepared, all the while sipping your vino and listening to American jazz music.

We stayed outside the historic center at the lovely Artesia B&B. I also suggest this place as a nice retreat for a couple, family or a group of friends......Here are a few photos from the trip!

There are roman ruins all behind these gorgeous buildings:

 Who doesn't love the classic Italian aperitivo? Yummy Spritz!

At the overlook of Verona - Sanctuary Madonna of Lourdes:

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La Dolce Vita

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Sara Amrhein said...

I've still never been to Verona! Now I can't wait! Looks beautiful.

Murissa Maurice said...

Verona was so lovely! I agree with the great shopping and amazing history that is reflected within the architecture.
I was fortunate to go when the Verona Opera season began. It was so inspiring and such a gorgeous experience. It was televised in Italy and I probably saw some famous people but had no idea.
Verona was a lot of fun! It is a great smallerish town to visit.

The Wanderfull Traveler

Why Rome? said...

Verona is on my Italian wishlist of places to visit. Verona and Positano!

Maggie said...

Sigh.... I ♥ Verona.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Hi Christy, I am back from my travels and trying to catch up with all my favourite bloggers. What a lot of interesting posts to welcome me back to your blog this evening. I am glad you had a good tie with your Mum, we have just been to visit our daughter.

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